My Internship Sucks!

Submitted by Leah Nash, Class of 2000
Chief Innovator at Trusted Source

I hope that your internship opportunity never truly sucks.  But I do want you to know that it is okay if your internship is not great.  Internships are the perfect way to figure out what you really like and what you really don’t like about your potential career field.  After all, your time in college and internships help you determine what you will be doing for your career (at least your first one – and it is okay to have multiple careers in your life but that’s a topic for another day.)

So it is okay if you don’t L-O-V-E your internship and what it entails. You may go into an internship believing that you are going to love event planning and realize that you absolutely hate it.  THAT IS OKAY.  So you don’t love event planning and it took one semester of your entire life to realize it, you’re fine.

My advice to you is take advantage of as many internships that you can.  Or of an internship that offers you a variety of different opportunities and challenges.  That way, you can figure what you like, what you love, what you hate and what you abhor doing… in a short amount of time.  Also, give things a shot and don’t blow off a sub field because you THINK that you might hate it.  Try it.  This is your time to experiment… and you may find that you love it.

My other advice is to find a mentor during your internship(s).  Be sure that the person that you are interning with is someone that you enjoy working with.  In actuality, you will be working FOR this person, for at least a semester, if not longer.  This person may also offer you opportunities with the same company or through their networks.  What you may find with your internship is that you have found something that you LOVE doing and want to stay to learn more.  You may have even have found your home.

Trusted Source is an Orlando based marketing firm.  Contact Leah Nash at for more information on Trusted Source internship opportunities.


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