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Why you should treat an interview like a first date… an employer’s perspective.

Submitted by Chanda Jordan, Talent Acquisition Specialist with Enterprise Holdings

You feel the nervous excitement, put in hours of preparation, and feel optimistic that this could be “the one.”  Congratulations, you have an interview.  Two of the scariest things in life are dating and interviewing.  Both can lead to lifelong partnerships, or the longest hour of your life.  Following some dating basics can help you have a successful interview.  Based on my experience interviewing candidates on a daily basis, I have a few tips to ensure you have the best interview that you can. Read More…


“If you can dream it, you can do it.” – Walt Disney

Submitted by Zack Uliasz, Class of 2015            

Ever since I was little, it has been a dream of mine to work for The Walt Disney Company.  Almost a decade and a half later, it’s somewhat shocking to realize that my dream is now a few short days from coming true!

My name is Zack. I’m a sophomore at Rollins and I work at The Walt Disney World Resort thanks to Rollins Career Services.

My job search “began” while I was still in high school, selecting a college to attend.  Throughout the entire process, I had in the back of my mind that it would be awesome to find a good school within driving distance of Disney World.  Among all the other extraordinary reasons to love the college, the Rollins-to-Disney proximity was certainly a contributing factor in my choice to study here.  Disney has always been my foremost passion, and I was certain that I wanted it to be part of my life in college.  With a successful freshman year coming to a close, my mind turned again to my nagging desire of working for Disney.  They say if you write a goal down, you are twice as likely to achieve it.  Needless to say, my employment goal had been a longstanding and persistent one, and so I jumped at the chance to attend a career fair right here on campus-a career fair which Disney was rumored to be attending. Read More…

My Internship Experience: If first you don’t succeed…

Submitted by Chelsea Cutchens, Class of 2013

After participating in the Winter With the Writers Literary Festival last semester, I was itching for a second internship opportunity.  I researched companies, polished my resume, proofread my cover letters, and set out for the Career and Internship Expo, where I made several promising connections that I believed would lead to a summer internship.  Per the instructions of the recruiters, I submitted applications and writing samples to the proper contacts, and then crossed my fingers for an interview.  Then I waited.  After several weeks without a reply from any of the companies I had contacted, I sent follow-up emails and made inquisitive phone calls.  I waited once more, this time also in vain—only one company had the courtesy to email me and inform me that their summer internship positions had been filled.  I understand this is quite common practice for companies not to provide follow-up regarding job applications, but it was very frustrating.  Summer arrived and, despite doing everything “right” in my search for an internship, regarding the Career Expo, I turned up empty-handed.  Read More…