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5 Tips for Rollins’ Soon-to-Be Graduates

Anne - ThumbnailBy Anne Meehan, Assistant Director of Career Services

Graduation is not the end….we are all works in progress!

Graduates should heed these words of wisdom from billionaire and co-founder of LinkedIn, Reid Hoffman.  “This is your time to launch, start something new, take a risk – there are no mess-ups or mistakes, just learning opportunities.”  Career and life planning is truly about the journey and not the destination.  So as a career services professional with over 15 years of experience in the field of helping recent grads launch – here are my new grad tips.

graduation Maintain Agility – Remain nimble and be willing to try something new, risky, something that will challenge you every day and allow you to learn.  All industries need agile professionals able to turn, move and change quickly to meet needs and demands so stay nimble.

Market Your Talents beyond your Major – Your major does not dictate your career!  Most employers seek candidates with transferable skills that are willing to learn so focus again on your talents and transferable skills.  You can go into most any industry if you are able to translate your skills and experiences to how you can help make a difference or impact. Focus on your key strengths and skills and be sure to market yourself.  No matter what industry you pursue, they want to see what you have to offer so promote your talents through your resume, social media outlets (LinkedIn Profile, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) and in the interview.

Build & Maintain Your Network – Utilize LinkedIn, your alumni network and other groups/affiliations to help grow your network.  You can gain so much career insight from alumni and other industry professionals so seek out people to help you grow your network.  Relationships = Jobs!  Grow your network and remember to help others along the way.

Utilize Your Campus Career Office/Alumni – You have free career resources and access to online resources, resume tools, job postings and alumni contacts right on your campus so utilize these reso10611742643_3843269cf2_zurces while a student as well as beyond graduation.  You can seek coaching on developing a job search or career plan that fits you with the help of your career office staff.  Rollins offers resources and career advising services to our graduates for life, so as you go through career transitions, remember we are here for you.

Continue to Grow and Learn – Never stop learning!  Move forward and not back. Remember…we are all works in progress!  Your first job is an opportunity to learn, take on new projects, and grow. It may not be your dream job or it may but either way you will learn. Own your career, keep networking and stay agile!