Being Smart with Your Smartphone in the Career Search

Bianca - ThumbnailSubmitted by Bianca Buscemi, Career Services Practicum Student

In the 21st century, we have become accustomed to technology at our fingertips, in particular with the evolution of smartphones. A plethora of information is now at our disposal that provides us a great deal of connectedness and information in a matter of seconds. Career search engines have joined forces with app developers to provide their services on the go. I have compiled a list of free and beneficial apps to simplify your job search. Many of the apps serve the same purpose of matching you to job postings based on location, salary, keywords etc., but I have identified unique features of each app.

Job Compass
Has listings in over 55 countries

JobSearch by Indeed
Constantly refreshes and shows you new postings based on your preferences with every login

Features an open forum where users can ask questions and receive advice from fellow users regarding the job search 

Ideal for those looking for local temporary or contracted work
Users can apply and submit work directly through the app   
Find a job on Media Bistro
Not an app, but can be accessed on mobile browser
Publishes job opportunities for journalists (freelance, part time, full time)

BeKnown by Monster
Networking platform that utilizes Facebook friends to show connections you have in specific career/companies
Beware of linking social media to job search (I recommend a social media “cleanse” prior to utilizing this


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