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Don’t Let a Disability Disable Your Job Search

Bianca - ThumbnailSubmitted by Bianca Buscemi, Career Services Practicum Student

According to the United States Department of Labor as of June 2014, the unemployment rate for persons with disabilities was 12.9%, which is twice that of persons without disabilities.  According to Jon Viera, Assistive Technologies Specialist, Disability Services, Rollins College, it is important to combat these statistics that are against persons with disabilities by ensuring a, “creative, proactive approach when in the job market, and coming to prospective employers with solutions.”  As a job seeker, it is at your discretion when to self-disclose your disability.  With this self-disclosure, it is helpful to provide suggestions on accommodations you can be provided in able to perform the essential job functions.  In addition to this approach, use your disability as a positive.  For example, “Even though I may not be able to do x, because of this, I am really great at y.”

Jon closed with one last piece of advice, “own the disability, it is as much a part of you as your hair color.”  Jon provides great insight due to his experience with Disability Services and with identifying as a person with a disability.  No matter what the circumstance, employers are always seeking an employee who is confident and comfortable in their own skin.

Jon provided a very comprehensive list of services to assist.
Department of Labor-Office of Disability Employment Policy
Section 508
Americans with Disabilities Act

Access Lynx *serves Orange/Seminole/Osceola counties, but most areas have similar programs.

Rollins Assistance:
Disability Services
Career Services


Being Smart with Your Smartphone in the Career Search

Bianca - ThumbnailSubmitted by Bianca Buscemi, Career Services Practicum Student

In the 21st century, we have become accustomed to technology at our fingertips, in particular with the evolution of smartphones. A plethora of information is now at our disposal that provides us a great deal of connectedness and information in a matter of seconds. Career search engines have joined forces with app developers to provide their services on the go. I have compiled a list of free and beneficial apps to simplify your job search. Many of the apps serve the same purpose of matching you to job postings based on location, salary, keywords etc., but I have identified unique features of each app.

Job Compass
Has listings in over 55 countries

JobSearch by Indeed
Constantly refreshes and shows you new postings based on your preferences with every login

Features an open forum where users can ask questions and receive advice from fellow users regarding the job search 

Ideal for those looking for local temporary or contracted work
Users can apply and submit work directly through the app   
Find a job on Media Bistro
Not an app, but can be accessed on mobile browser
Publishes job opportunities for journalists (freelance, part time, full time)

BeKnown by Monster
Networking platform that utilizes Facebook friends to show connections you have in specific career/companies
Beware of linking social media to job search (I recommend a social media “cleanse” prior to utilizing this

5 Tips for Rollins’ Soon-to-Be Graduates

Anne - ThumbnailBy Anne Meehan, Assistant Director of Career Services

Graduation is not the end….we are all works in progress!

Graduates should heed these words of wisdom from billionaire and co-founder of LinkedIn, Reid Hoffman.  “This is your time to launch, start something new, take a risk – there are no mess-ups or mistakes, just learning opportunities.”  Career and life planning is truly about the journey and not the destination.  So as a career services professional with over 15 years of experience in the field of helping recent grads launch – here are my new grad tips.

graduation Maintain Agility – Remain nimble and be willing to try something new, risky, something that will challenge you every day and allow you to learn.  All industries need agile professionals able to turn, move and change quickly to meet needs and demands so stay nimble.

Market Your Talents beyond your Major – Your major does not dictate your career!  Most employers seek candidates with transferable skills that are willing to learn so focus again on your talents and transferable skills.  You can go into most any industry if you are able to translate your skills and experiences to how you can help make a difference or impact. Focus on your key strengths and skills and be sure to market yourself.  No matter what industry you pursue, they want to see what you have to offer so promote your talents through your resume, social media outlets (LinkedIn Profile, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) and in the interview.

Build & Maintain Your Network – Utilize LinkedIn, your alumni network and other groups/affiliations to help grow your network.  You can gain so much career insight from alumni and other industry professionals so seek out people to help you grow your network.  Relationships = Jobs!  Grow your network and remember to help others along the way.

Utilize Your Campus Career Office/Alumni – You have free career resources and access to online resources, resume tools, job postings and alumni contacts right on your campus so utilize these reso10611742643_3843269cf2_zurces while a student as well as beyond graduation.  You can seek coaching on developing a job search or career plan that fits you with the help of your career office staff.  Rollins offers resources and career advising services to our graduates for life, so as you go through career transitions, remember we are here for you.

Continue to Grow and Learn – Never stop learning!  Move forward and not back. Remember…we are all works in progress!  Your first job is an opportunity to learn, take on new projects, and grow. It may not be your dream job or it may but either way you will learn. Own your career, keep networking and stay agile!

How to Clean Up Your Social Profile: 4 Steps to a More Professional Online Presence

Submitted by Anne Meehan,  Assistant Director of Career Services

Anne - ThumbnailIn a competitive job market, it is important for job seekers to stand out. In addition to impressive, easy-to read resumes and smart, personable cover letters, young professionals need to be aware of what they’re sharing on their social networks.   Two months ago, AC Online released a free career resource for young professionals. “How to Clean Up Your Social Profile: 4 Steps to a More Professional Online Presence” reached thousands of college students and professionals seeking internships and employment across the nation. imagesHowever, social media is an ever-changing marketing platform, and a few social networks have made some changes. The updated guide highlights key places on social profiles where hiring managers look for “red flags”, and offers quick and easy steps to help turn potential disaster into professional success. You can view the updated guide here:

AC Online | College Student Guide to Professional Social Profiles


Commercial Real Estate as a Career?

UCREW Event Hilights Opportunities for Women in Commercial Real Estate

Submitted by Lindsey Pfaender, Rollins MBA, Class of 2010

cn_logoReal Estate?  No way I thought.  I have educated myself entirely too much to join a career that doesn’t require a college degree.  What no one told me during my four years at Florida State and throughout my masters program at Crummer was COMMERCIAL Real Estate is an incredible career to start, offering a very wide variety of disciplines, and can be very financially rewarding.  And the icing on the cake, there are VERY few women that even enter this industry.

My name is Lindsey Pfaender and I graduated from Rollins Crummer Graduate Program in May of 2010.  At that time I was selling condos at The VUE at Lake Eola in order to pay my tuition, never thinking that I would stay in real estate upon graduation.  Finalizing my last semester, I interviewed for standard marketing jobs, financial analytics, the “standard” positions that I could work my way up the corporate ladder in a company.  I never really got excited about any of the prospective jobs until a gentleman that I knew from my little real estate world at The VUE approached me and asked if I would be interested in joining his team as a Multifamily Broker,  I did not even know what multifamily meant at that time (selling apartment complexes).  It was a commission only position, but very entrepreneurial and instead of focusing on the “no-salary” aspect, I approached the opportunity as the “no-ceiling to your paycheck” and gave it a shot.  I have been a Multifamily Broker with Cushman and Wakefield for three years now and cannot tell you enough how challenging and rewarding it has been.

I would like to encourage all women who are still deciding what exactly they want to do upon graduation to attend our UCREW event on October 25th at the TLC office in Downtown Orlando.  Please download and review the UCREW13_Flyer for details and registration instructions. You will be exposed to many career paths available to you in Commercial Real Estate like interior design, project management, banking, law, and brokerage just to name a few.  We also have INTERNSHIP opportunities available.  Hope to meet you all there!

Considering a Career in the Foreign Service?

Submitted by Ray Rogers, Director of Career Services

Ray - Thumbnail

410px-US_Diplomatic_Passport1[1]As a current student or alumni of Rollins, there are many career opportunities in the Foreign Service you may want to consider, and, the Department of State is hiring.

Ed Loo, Department of State Diplomat in Residence for South Florida, recommended we sjare the following video with any Rollins students or alumni who are interested in and just learning about this career field.   In the video, Nicholas Kralev interviews the Director-General of the U.S. Foreign Service and Director of Human Resources at the State Department, Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield,  where she provides a summary overview of careers with the foreign service.  Follow the link below to see watch the recorded 21 minute interview, first aired July 2, 2013.

You graduated- now what? (The most cliché of all blog titles.)

Submitted by Michelle Preston, Class of 2012

Fall 2009: I was going to graduate college in three and a half years. I was to go to grad school in that open semester, and graduate with my Master’s a semester early.  That was the plan.  There’s always a plan in the fall of your freshman year, but life never works out exactly like you planned.  I am proud to say that I graduated last month, December 2012, with my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology; never changed my major, never struggled to graduate early.  Perfect.  Check.  Grad school?  We shall see.

Graduating before my friends in the Class of 2013, yet after the Class of 2012, put me in a position that made me very independent.  I became “real-life stressed” just as the seniors last year were finding out about their post-grad jobs and graduate school applications, and long before my friends who are seniors now began thinking about life after college.  I thought I had to figure out my whole life in my last semester, while balancing massive extracurriculars, a full-time course load, constant “We have to go (insert location here) before you graduate!”, a part time job, and a volunteer position at the Florida Hospital for Children.

The answer I found as to what I’m going to do with my life?  I still don’t know, but I did learn that that’s okay.  As a recent grad with a psychology degree, I’m trying to answer the extremely popular question of–to go to grad school, or not?  With the help of my family and some wonderful mentors, I am figuring this out.  In looking at the largest companies in Central Florida, I realized that I had managed to put myself in two of the big ones: The Walt Disney World Company, and the Florida Hospital.  I am currently keeping my part-time role at Disney in order to network and use the internal hiring system, as well as the fact that I get paid to be a pirate, play with kids, and advise people about where they should eat dinner in EPCOT.  Who could ask for better interim position?

I have found, while doing extensive job research, that my love of people and my knack for reading them may be leading me towards human resources and recruiting work.  Resulting from friends and professional connections, I have a meet and greet scheduled with a Casting Agent at Disney to learn how she ended up in recruiting, to find out more about the profession, and to do a little networking, of course.  There are many internships in human resources- some paid, some unpaid, but hey- I graduated early.  Isn’t right now the perfect time to be figuring this out?

I have never been the type of person to make a five year plan and stick to it as if it were my only hope.  I honestly have no idea what the next five years hold for me.  What do I know?  I know that I love people, and I will probably fit in wherever I end up.  I have a pretty awesome resume thanks to my experiences at Rollins, research experience from the Psych Department, great professor and staff connections, and a college degree from a school very highly respected by companies.  I even have a pretty comprehensive “Linked In” page, complete with a personal statement!   I’m not sure if the world actually is my oyster, but it certainly feels like it.

As I said to my first-year mentees all semester, “In the end, you have to follow your own path- live your dreams, and other people will support you for it.”  I suppose it’s time to listen to my own advice.