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Top 10 Common Myths About Peace Corps Service

Submitted by Chad Chernet, Central and North Florida Recruiter for the US Peace Corps

peace_corps_0As the central and north Florida Regional Recruiter I encounter many people with varying levels of knowledge about the United States Peace Corps and what Volunteer service entails.  I have heard everything from “Wow, I didn’t know Peace Corps still existed!”, “I am too old to serve”, “If I decide to apply, will I be placed in Iraq or Afghanistan” and “I do not have the money to serve”. In fact, none of these statements or questions is accurate and it is my job to ensure that the next generation of Volunteers is fully informed of all aspects relating to Peace Corps service. For full information regarding Peace Corps, please visit or contact Chad Chernet at 407-450-8840 or

Below I have listed the top 10 common myths regarding Peace Corps followed by the facts regarding each topic.

1)      MYTH: Peace Corps Volunteers must cover their own expenses while serving abroad.

FACT:  Peace Corps service does NOT require any out-of-pocket expenses. As an agency of the Federal government, Peace Corps is in a unique position to cover the costs associated with service. This means that we cover housing, monthly expenses (such as food, local travel and incidentals) as well as travel to/from the country of service. We also fully cover medical and dental expenses.  Furthermore, returning Volunteers receive a “readjustment allowance” which helps them transition back to life back in America. Even immunizations and all legal documents (Passport, Work permits, etc.) are covered.

2)       MYTH: Peace Corps Volunteers serve in dangerous countries.

FACT: We are a “need based” Agency and only send Volunteers to countries who have requested trained men and women and who are stable enough to ensure the safety and security of our Volunteers.

3)      MYTH: As a recent college graduate, I am not competitive.

FACT: The majority of Peace Corps Volunteers are recent college graduates and work in all six of our program areas. They bring energy and creativity to the local community and job assignment. Read More…


Insights and Internships

Submitted by Frances Forster
Chief Marketing & Information Officer at Buxton Products, Inc.

There are a lot of things you can do to prepare for an internship or for seeking employment.  You can polish your resume, network, search listings, attend job fairs, join professional associations, join speaking clubs to enhance your presentation skills, and such.  In this line of thinking you are doing the most you can to present yourself in the best light possible.  And you are trying to appeal to as broad an audience as possible, to increase the chances that someone will say “I want YOU!”

This is important work, but it is only one side of the coin.  I would encourage you to step back and take a  look at your job search in a different light. To look at the process as an opportunity to become more self aware, more balanced.

By now you will have discovered many things about yourself, like whether you’re a morning or night person, talkative or on the quiet side, traditional or trendy.  You’ve also learned a good deal about how to manage your time, and how to keep yourself motivated when challenges arise.  These  skills will come in very handy in job searches.

But I would invite you to look a little deeper inside.  The more  you know about yourself the better you will be able to size up how a prospective job will fit you.

Do you prefer independent or collaborative work projects?  Are you a planner or an action kind of person? How much information do you need to make a decision? Is a warm, friendly environment important to you? Do you thrive with structure or do you need freedom?  Do you need to be able to put your own touch to things or are you fine with proven routines? Do you need to learn how to tone down a little, or learn how to speak up?

These questions, and many more like them, offer us the opportunity to see where we are in our personal development, and can help us spot areas that need attention.  There are no right or wrong answers – just insights to be gained.

New situations, where people don’t know us, offer us the opportunity to try on a new, developing side of ourselves. No one will say “how come you’re acting so…” because they won’t know the difference.

Internships offer perfect opportunities to try out new skills, but they also offer the opportunity to stretch and develop our inner selves.  By deliberately taking a job that requires you to strengthen or develop in new ways, you offer yourself the opportunity to gain new perspectives along with new skills.

At Buxton Products, Inc. we try to offer our interns a great environment for growing. Be sure to check out our internship postings on R-Career Link.

Why you should treat an interview like a first date… an employer’s perspective.

Submitted by Chanda Jordan, Talent Acquisition Specialist with Enterprise Holdings

You feel the nervous excitement, put in hours of preparation, and feel optimistic that this could be “the one.”  Congratulations, you have an interview.  Two of the scariest things in life are dating and interviewing.  Both can lead to lifelong partnerships, or the longest hour of your life.  Following some dating basics can help you have a successful interview.  Based on my experience interviewing candidates on a daily basis, I have a few tips to ensure you have the best interview that you can. Read More…

Peace Corps Opportunities Information Session- Life is calling. How far will you go?

Submitted by Career Services Staff Writer 

The Peace Corps, which recently celebrated its 50th year, has been a very popular program for our graduates.  In fact, you may be surprised to learn that Rollins is ranked among the top institutions in the Southeast for producing Peace Corps volunteers.  In addition to serving those in need, the Peace Corps’ programs in business, health, education, information technology, agriculture, modern languages and the environment are great ways our graduates can gain invaluable experience in an international setting after college. Read More…