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Alumni Find Perfect Fit with City Year

Submitted by Christopher McCauley, Class of 2011

It was a hot and humid day towards the end of July, and I woke up in my un-air conditioned room with a feeling.  I didn’t know what that feeling was, so naturally, I decided to log on to my Facebook page to see if that would help.

And there it was:  a post by the Rollins College Office of Community Engagement:  Hey Alumni!  It’s not too late to apply for City Year Miami.

I thought to myself, well this is interesting.  I had known for a while about what City Year did, but had never considered pursuing it.   I started to get excited, and immediately decided that I would apply.

Then it hit me.  I am in New York, and am not prepared or willing to move to Miami.  This posed a problem.

Wait a minute—City Year MUST be in New York.  I looked on their website.  They are.  And they are still looking for Corps Members.  This was my lucky day.

I read the entire website and immediately knew that this was something I needed to be a part of.  I started and finished my application that morning.  Without hesitation, I called my references, explained to them what City Year was about, and they wrote me two very beautiful recommendations—I am very grateful for that. Read More…